We want to offer an alternative

There are enough beautiful clothes in the world. But we want beautiful clothing that is produced fairly and sustainably. Therefore, Marenika was founded in 2021. A fashion label that produces timeless, minimalist and fair clothing.

The focus is on items of clothing that can all be harmoniously combined with each other. This means you can keep track of your clothes rail and still be well styled. Until the entire collection is finished, work in the background is in full swing. We are happy about everyone who joins us on our journey and for whom sustainability is as important as we are.


Our production takes place in GOTS-certified factories in Portugal. This seal guarantees that the clothing is produced under fair, safe and sustainable conditions from the beginning of the supply chain to your home. Thanks to the short transport routes from Portugal to Germany, we also keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible. This not only ensures regional production, but also social production under fair aspects.


Environmental protection is important (to us)! That's why we only use sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel or linen. All materials have been extensively tested and carefully selected to offer you the best possible comfort. We also try to avoid elastane etc. as much as possible in order to put recyclable clothing into circulation.

  • Fair production

    Our garments are produced fairly, safely and sustainably in GOTS-certified factories in Portugal.

  • Ecological materials

    Environmental protection is important (to us)! That's why we only use ecological fabrics, such as organic cotton, Tencel or linen.

  • Sustainable value creation

    Every step we take is designed to be as ecological as possible. For example, we do not use plastic during transport.


As a company, we carefully select all suppliers to ensure responsible use of resources. We do not use plastic packaging materials, but only shipping boxes made of grass paper, which consists of 35% local grass and 65% waste paper. We have replaced conventional plastic bags with Glassine paper bags, which are 100% recyclable and made in Germany. The enclosed postcards are made in a climate-neutral manner from 100% recycled paper with organic colors and green electricity. We do our best to make the entire manufacturing process right up to your home as ecological as possible.


As a sustainable company, we would like to ensure transparency in pricing to give you an overview of the costs involved in producing a sustainable item of clothing. In addition to the costs for the cut and prototype creation, the grading, the costs of a garment also include cost factors such as material, threads, buttons or zippers, etc. The largest items are associated with the production and material costs of the garments. There are also taxes, shipping costs, marketing measures and photo shoots. We try to keep all costs as low as possible in order to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone.


We want to show how versatile sustainable fashion can be. We’re designing an entire capsule wardrobe collection for you. Each piece of clothing can be harmoniously combined with each other. Special attention is paid to comfortable, stylish and minimalist garments. Because sustainability in the wardrobe starts with long-lasting items of clothing that we like to wear often.

The founding

In 2021, the sustainable fashion label Marenika was founded by Franziska Marth after she discovered her enthusiasm for sustainable fashion and environmental awareness during her studies. After successfully completing her studies, the idea of ​​starting her own sustainable fashion label matured, which was reflected in her social media, especially on her Instagram account @franziska.marth and the associated blog www.franziska-marth.de . The name Marenika is a combination of the parts of the name Franziska Renate Marth and plays on the Latin word "Mare", which means "sea" and underlines her love for the sea.